It Might Be Time for an IRR Status Check

In light of changing times and administrations, here’s a blog post I drafted about 5 years ago. The info still holds. If you’re in the IRR and past your 8 year statutory obligation — (your MSO) — you might want to check your current status. I can help with that. Also, if you know someone in the Army nearing his or her MSO, please feel free to pass this on. Thanks. v/r, Bill…/are-you-an-army-officer-i…/

“If you are nearing or past your MSO date, you should seriously consider making an affirmative election of…

Testimonial — Exemption From Involuntary Mobilization — Navy Officer

Exemption From a Navy Involuntary Mobilization — Testimonial

Being contemporaneously in the military reserves and at a critical juncture in your civilian job, and then being mobilized, is a nightmare that recently found its way into the reality of my life. After 16 years in the Air Force and now Navy (both active duty and Reserves), I was facing a one year mobilization to Afghanistan. My situation was difficult as I am employed overseas in a company that does not follow US law. As an executive in the company, I was told that my job would not be guaranteed upon my return. Further, because I worked overseas and my family was stateside, the mobilization would be doubly detrimental. I, therefore, sought Mr. William Meili’s assistance.

From the first telephone conversation Bill treated the situation with very great professional and personal aplomb. All options were presented and discussed with my spouse and me. While considerable work was done electronically and by phone the initial discussion was up close and personal. Bill flew to my home state in order to interview both my spouse and myself-together and alone. Virtually, every stone was turned over and examined. A punch list was developed with assignments and timelines since I was given only 6 weeks to mobilize and my daughter’s wedding was within that timeframe. It was a very stressful period. Local command was not sympathetic, nor was a Review Board.

This did not deter Bill from ferreting out the possibilities. Of course, being a veteran of the service and a seasoned JAG officer, his insider knowledge was a tremendous asset. His contacts in military personnel and command hierarchy make him uniquely positioned to adjudicate such difficult issues. He was relentless with follow-up, which included weekends, and staying on point, which mitigated much of the anxiety that I and the family were experiencing. His advice was not only consoling but pragmatic — never over the top, but cautiously optimistic. The entire process was a unified partnership.

The entire formal process took 6 weeks to investigate, prepare and submit. Behind the scenes Bill quietly and effectively worked his contacts for guidance as well as support. It all came together with an outcome that was positive for all parties.

Since that time Bill has remained in contact with me regarding my status and whether there have been any follow up problems.

In sum, Bill Meili is not only the expert when it comes to dealing with thorny issues involving military duty and complex civilian career situations, but also a down-to-earth human being who makes every effort to get the job done in a compassionately professional manner.

I cannot recommend him highly enough. He stands out in the legal profession.


One of the great benefits of my practice, is that I get the opportunity to speak and work with outstanding people from various points of the country and the globe.  One such client recently forwarded the below testimonial, and I share it here with his permission.  If I can be of assistance to you, or anyone in your circle, please don’t hesitate to contact me.  Thank you.  Bill Meili —  Office: 214 363-1828 or via email at  or


“If you are on this site, you have a problem and need help. I assure you that there is no one more qualified to help you than Bill Meili and that you will be amazed by the professional service and attention to detail. You will be even more amazed at the compassion, responsiveness, and passion for your case that Bill  will bring to the table. 

As a veteran of military service for nearly twenty years, I thought I knew the maze of the system pretty well, but I was recently proven wrong. It is my experience that on the rare occasion that the military treats a member unfairly, it is a failure of only a few individuals that drives an otherwise efficient, albeit cumbersome, machine off-track. The problem is that when that happens, even the most savvy military professional may find it difficult, or even impossible, to fix things on his own. Such was the case for me when, just before the holidays I was notified of a situation which put my family in great distress. Despite assurances made to me, and checks which were supposed to be in place within my military community, a few individuals made poor decisions which knocked the system off-track.  The consequence of this systemic failure would have resulted in extreme hardship for my family. With a short timeline to fix the problem, and with it being just weeks before the Christmas holidays – leave, TDY, short-staffed offices, etc. – the stress on my wife and children was severe.  My own attempts to address the problem through local command channels failed.  And that was when I had the great pleasure of meeting Bill Meili.

Without Bill, my family and I would have suffered the injustice facing us without recourse.  We thank God that we met Bill when we did. Bill partnered with me and my family and worked tirelessly—it seemed like day and night from the time stamp on many of the emails– to fix our situation. 

Forget all of the caricatures and off color attorney jokes you have ever heard or told. Bill Meili is not only a phenomenal lawyer, he is a fabulous human being. With his nearly three decades of military service in the JAG corps, Bill knows like no one else how to navigate the puzzling bureaucracy of military personnel and administration. But his dedication goes well beyond that. During the extremely short fuse time line of my case, Bill worked with me more like a family friend. He gave constant guidance and input on how to provide the information he needed. He provided feedback in nearly real-time. And he provided emotional support as if he were struggling through our issues right beside us. I spoke with Bill several times a day—every day, including Saturdays and Sundays—throughout the several weeks it took for Bill to secure a victory for my family and find justice for us. In that time he frequently called just to check in and see how my wife and I were doing. He spoke to my wife on several occasions for no other reason than to give her reassurance and support. He was more responsive than I could reasonably have expected, returning calls or emails always within an hour or so, sometimes within only a few minutes, even if only to reassure us that he was on task and on target.   

There was no question that I needed a seasoned attorney to help me with my case. What I got was the most professional and committed attorney I have ever heard of, with an understanding of how to navigate the military’s legal and administrative systems beyond anything I have ever seen. But I got way more than that. I got a partner in my cause who has become a true friend.”  



Recent Military Law and Criminal Defense Results in the Past 30 Days

The below list gives a broad idea of the kinds of cases and issues handled successfully in the past month.    If you’re facing a problem which affects your professional license, career or future, please don’t hesitate to contact me.  I’d be happy to visit with you about all aspects of the case to see how I might help.   Here’s the list. 
1.    Navy Reservist Officer (Medical Doctor):  Involuntary Mobilization orders cancelled.
2.    Air Force Active Duty Officer (Surgeon):  Voluntary resignation endorsed by his treatment
3.    Army Reservist Officer (Attorney):       Career preserved.
4.    Army Guard Officer (Consultant):          IRR Transfer Request endorsed by local command.  
5.    Criminal Defense Client:                             Aggravated Sexual Assault case dismissed.
6.    Criminal Defense Client:                            Favorable Grand Jury result on an Aggravated  
                                                                                      Assault with a Deadly Weapon.     
 Very Respectfully, 
William C. Meili
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Recent Military Case Results in December 2011:

As 2011 winds down, I wanted to share a few recent results:

1.  Last week — right before Christmas — an Army Reserve Medical Doctor and obligated officer client received word that his Unqualified Resignation had been accepted.  His  orders, reflecting an Honorable Discharge from the Reserve Component, arrived via email attachment later that day;

2.  On 16 December, an Army Active Component Medical Doctor and obligated officer client’s case resolved favorably with amended PCS orders.  We were successful in helping her seek reassignment to a new (and yet still local) Home Station with duties consistent and in accordance with a revised medical profile;

3.  On 1 December, after full, fair and frank discussions and negotiations with my young (E-4) Army Reservist client’s commanders and staff, I’m happy to report that the command revoked his mobilization and deplolyment orders.  Not only was the client holding an Educational Stabilization contract slot with this particular Reserve unit, but he was also an extremely poor fit for the unit’s upcoming mobilization and deployment to Afghanistan.   Credit the commander for the decision to trust her instincts and make a call which served the best interests of the Soldier, the unit and the unit’s other deploying Soldiers.

If you are anywhere in the country — or deployed — and need help with a military matter affecting your career in any way, or if you need help with a mobilization or deployment issue, please don’t hesitate to give my office a call or email.   Contact information is in the signature block below.   Thank you and best wishes for a healthy, happy and reasonably sane 2012!

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