We received a favorable result in a Show Cause – Board of Inquiry (BOI) late last week. The Board recommended that our client, an active duty medical corps officer with 14 years active federal service, be retained. Want to say how grateful I am for the result and for our client. I also want to acknowledge the outstanding professionalism I observed throughout the proceeding by the trial counsel team, JAG office support staff, and by the Board itself. The system worked, and our client will now continue to serve Soldiers who will benefit from his expertise and experience. Big win for the Army.   If you or someone you know is facing a Show Cause — Board of Inquiry (BOI) action, please get in touch as soon as possible.  The sooner I can engage in the process, the better the chances we have for a successful outcome and a saved career.  Warmest regards,   Bill Meili, COL(R), JA, USAR, Attorney and Counselor at Law.  Office: 214 363-1828;  Cell: 214 536-3888; email:

Busy, Rewarding, Successful Past Six Months at Meili Law

Here’s a quick sample of what’s been on our plate at the office this past half year.   We greatly appreciate the continued trust, support and good will of our clients, their families and friends, and for the great people of this country who wear the uniform.
 1.    February 2015 — Board of Inquiry (BOI), Officer:  Result:  Board withdrawn as a result of negotiations and response to Show Cause — client retired honorably with full medical benefits;
2.    March 2015 — Board of Inquiry (BOI), Officer:  Result:  Show Cause Board held with unanimous vote to retain.  Officer continues an 11 year active duty career;
3.    March 2015 — Appeal to the Air Force Board for Correction of Military Records (AFBCMR) to challenge a GOMOR;  restored honor to a career 0-6 professional;
4.    April 2015 — Board of Inquiry (BOI), Officer:  Result:  Board was withdrawn as a result of negotiations with other side and our rebuttal brief to the GOSCA – General Officer Show Cause Authority, officer retired honorably with full medical benefits;
5.    April 2015 — Board of Inquiry (BOI), Officer:  Result:  Show Cause Board held with unanimous vote to retain.  Officer retired honorably with full medical benefits after 18 years service;
6.    May 2015 — Appeal brief to the Army Discharge Review Board (ADRB);  Seeking to change an Uncharacterized discharge to Honorable;  Case pending an in-person hearing before the Board;
7.    June 2015 — Another appeal brief to the ADRB;  Seeking to change a General discharge to Honorable for PTSD medical reasons versus the misconduct discharge issued;  Case pending record review;
8.   July 2015 — Board of Inquiry (BOI), Officer:  Result: Board postponed as a result of preliminary negotiations with JAG, Case pending an alternate, non-punitive, administrative resolution;
9.   Aug 2015 — Board of Inquiry (BOI), Officer: Senior officer’s 25 year career in the balance;  Case pending;
10. Sept 2015 —  Appeal to DASEB to have officer’s GOMOR transferred to the restricted fiche;  Case pending review;  and
11. Sept 2015 —   Appeal to the Secretary of the Navy (ASN, M&RA);  Seeking to have Client’s debt remitted;  We’ll submit the appeal brief to the Pentagon later today.
That’s it in a nutshell.  Onward and Upward!     Bill


Last week of April at Ft. Stewart brought some long awaited great news to my client, his wife and three children.  After months of preparation, maneuvering, and waiting, his Show Cause Board of Inquiry panel voted unanimously to retain him on active duty.  As a result, this good and deserving officer will be able to retire medically, with honor, dignity and respect, and with full, military medical and concurrent VA benefits.   He has given me permission to share his testimonial here, and I do so with a great deal of gratitude and thanks for the team of professionals, friends and supporters who came together to make this all happen.   Respectfully,   Bill Meili    214 363-1828 (Office); 214 536-3888 (Cell)


I decided to call Mr. Meili shortly after receiving a GOMOR and subsequently months later a referred OER.  Confirming my worst fears I eventually received a “show cause” notification from Human Resources Command(HRC) that put my career of nearly 17 years on active duty in complete jeopardy.  Before I decided on Mr. Meili I had previously called a couple other law firms specializing in military law, but none of them seemed to understand the complex administrative process.  He gave me hope that my initial appeal was winnable and immediately started gathering information to map a strategy to work my case.   Shortly afterward, while Mr. Meili worked the appeals case to remove the GOMOR filed with HRC, I received the inevitable “intent to eliminate” notification.  Mr. Meili brought much needed calm during a stressful moment when I received the notification.  He was very reasonable with amending our previous agreement in order to adjust to the new momentum of now a Board of Inquiry (BOI) being initiated to separate me.  The preparation of a BOI is a tremendous undertaking and Mr. Meili took on the meticulous details and crafted a strategy to ensure the best outcome, leaving no doubt as we entered the intense day of a BOI.  Mr. Meili prepared the case very well, engaging key decision makers early on and made adjustments right up to the final moments of a decision.  Mr. Meili brings a level of experience and tenacity to the table that is difficult to find.  My case received a favorable vote to retain on active duty, saving my hard earned retirement and medical benefits.  Mr. Meili is a true professional, and one of the best in the country for military law.  If you want the best outcome for your case, I highly recommend you consider him.   Major – U.S. Army.  

2013 in review

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2013 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

A San Francisco cable car holds 60 people. This blog was viewed about 2,300 times in 2013. If it were a cable car, it would take about 38 trips to carry that many people.

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Officer Field Board of Inquiry — Successful Outcome

Gratitude, a good friend once told me, is the king of emotions. Along those lines, then — the following:

Officer client facing a career ending Board of Inquiry, was lucky enough last week to have his entire case history reviewed by his Commanding General. Sometimes, when the parties can sit down and take a moment to review the fundamental truth of a situation, good things happen. Of course …it helps to have a CG who cares deeply about all his troops, especially those who are torn up physically and psychologically. We had such a commander in this case.

My guy didn’t get a free pass. He took ownership, and held himself accountable for his actions. As a result, provided he comports himself properly, he’ll be given an opportunity to retire from active duty, with dignity, respect …. and the lifelong, medical pension he’s earned as a result of his service to the country.

It felt really good traveling home from this one.

If you or someone you know needs help defending a Board of Inquiry — or any other administrative elimination action — please call me.

Respectfully, Bill Meili, Attorney and Counselor at Law, COL(R), JA, USAR, 214 363-1828: Office; 214 536-3888, Cell