One of the great benefits of my practice, is that I get the opportunity to speak and work with outstanding people from various points of the country and the globe.  One such client recently forwarded the below testimonial, and I share it here with his permission.  If I can be of assistance to you, or anyone in your circle, please don’t hesitate to contact me.  Thank you.  Bill Meili —  Office: 214 363-1828 or via email at  or


“If you are on this site, you have a problem and need help. I assure you that there is no one more qualified to help you than Bill Meili and that you will be amazed by the professional service and attention to detail. You will be even more amazed at the compassion, responsiveness, and passion for your case that Bill  will bring to the table. 

As a veteran of military service for nearly twenty years, I thought I knew the maze of the system pretty well, but I was recently proven wrong. It is my experience that on the rare occasion that the military treats a member unfairly, it is a failure of only a few individuals that drives an otherwise efficient, albeit cumbersome, machine off-track. The problem is that when that happens, even the most savvy military professional may find it difficult, or even impossible, to fix things on his own. Such was the case for me when, just before the holidays I was notified of a situation which put my family in great distress. Despite assurances made to me, and checks which were supposed to be in place within my military community, a few individuals made poor decisions which knocked the system off-track.  The consequence of this systemic failure would have resulted in extreme hardship for my family. With a short timeline to fix the problem, and with it being just weeks before the Christmas holidays – leave, TDY, short-staffed offices, etc. – the stress on my wife and children was severe.  My own attempts to address the problem through local command channels failed.  And that was when I had the great pleasure of meeting Bill Meili.

Without Bill, my family and I would have suffered the injustice facing us without recourse.  We thank God that we met Bill when we did. Bill partnered with me and my family and worked tirelessly—it seemed like day and night from the time stamp on many of the emails– to fix our situation. 

Forget all of the caricatures and off color attorney jokes you have ever heard or told. Bill Meili is not only a phenomenal lawyer, he is a fabulous human being. With his nearly three decades of military service in the JAG corps, Bill knows like no one else how to navigate the puzzling bureaucracy of military personnel and administration. But his dedication goes well beyond that. During the extremely short fuse time line of my case, Bill worked with me more like a family friend. He gave constant guidance and input on how to provide the information he needed. He provided feedback in nearly real-time. And he provided emotional support as if he were struggling through our issues right beside us. I spoke with Bill several times a day—every day, including Saturdays and Sundays—throughout the several weeks it took for Bill to secure a victory for my family and find justice for us. In that time he frequently called just to check in and see how my wife and I were doing. He spoke to my wife on several occasions for no other reason than to give her reassurance and support. He was more responsive than I could reasonably have expected, returning calls or emails always within an hour or so, sometimes within only a few minutes, even if only to reassure us that he was on task and on target.   

There was no question that I needed a seasoned attorney to help me with my case. What I got was the most professional and committed attorney I have ever heard of, with an understanding of how to navigate the military’s legal and administrative systems beyond anything I have ever seen. But I got way more than that. I got a partner in my cause who has become a true friend.”  



Line of Duty (LOD) Request for Reinvestigation

Dear Friends:  I hope you’ll take a minute to consider this post, so that you might pass it on to anyone in your respective circles who might be dealing with the issue discussed in some way, shape or form.  

          Yesterday, we finished a Line of Duty (LOD) Request for Re-investigation into the suicide death of a senior member of the Air Force Reserve.  These are extremely challenging cases, but handled correctly, they have the power to affect so many people in a positive way — the surviving family members most notably of course, but also the deceased’s previous unit members, and the organization as a whole.    

           LOD investigations and determinations are not something a typical Reserve unit in any branch of the service handles often.  And so when they do — and especially when the issue involves a death — local unit personnel, including investigating and medical officers, and JAGs, are more often than not unprepared and inexperienced in how to conduct the investigation.  Without that, the commander’s final determination can be compromised, and that, of course, is in not in anyone’s best interest.

           When all’s said and done, what I’ve learned the surviving spouse really wants is simply to know that the military properly considered the whole story — as best it can be determined — before rendering a final decision.

           It was a privilege working this case.  I’m grateful for the sacrifices and efforts of my client, (the surviving spouse), her immediate family members, and our investigator, Ms. Marissa Wallace of Wallace Investigations, Dallas.  I’m also grateful for the considerations shown by those Air Force Reserve personnel who gave us both time and material necessary to present the best appeal possible.  

If I can be of assistance in the future to anyone reading this post facing a similar situation, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. 

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