Recent IRR Delay and Exemption Client’s Testimonial Posted

One of our most recent IRR exemption cases involved circumstances which shortened the two-week suspense considerably. Please read this latest piece by clicking the Testimonial Bar on the Home Page. Best, Bill Meili Office: 214 363-1828

IRR Mobilization Orders Revoked, IRR Delay and Exemption Request Granted 11 January ’10

Most recent favorable decision received yesterday afternoon. Official word came in from St. Louis: Exemption granted, orders revoked, honorable discharge to follow. Issues documented and worked in the brief included service connected PTSD, TBI, significant hearing loss, dependency hardship and community hardship.

For proper, professional representation on your IRR Delay and Exemption initial request, or on an appeal of a disapproved case, please call our office and we’ll begin the process with you.

Thank you. Sincerely, Bill Meili

214 363-1828, office, Dallas.

IRR Mobilization Exemption Granted New Year’s Eve

Happy New Year. Another favorable decision came in late last week on New Year’s Eve actually. It was a heck of a way to end the old and usher in the new year. Exemption granted, orders revoked, honorable discharge for this Soldier/client. Extremely novel case and obviously gratified Soldier and family.

We’re looking forward to more favorable results in the near future. Will post as warranted.

Yours, Bill Meili 214 363-1828 office Dallas