Approved Unqualified Resignation (UQR) for an Obligated Medical Corps Officer This Week

Never lose hope, and don’t give up!

Finally, after nearly two years of playing administrative Tug-O-War with half a dozen levels of Army command and control, my doctor (officer) client’s Unqualified Resignation (UQR) was approved with an Honorable discharge. It should not have taken anywhere near this long, for all sorts of valid reasons … but we’ll set that aside for the moment, and enjoy this decision and victory — long in coming, but sweet nonetheless!

As I’ve said before in previous posts, if you’re considering an unqualified resignation, (UQR) — whether or not you have a remaining service obligation — please contact us.  I’d be happy to discuss your situation in detail, and help with a way forward.  Office: 214 363-1828; Cell: 214 536-3888 or feel free to visit the website for more information about UQRs generally.

v/r   Bill Meili, COL (Ret.), JA, USAR  Attorney and Counselor at Law