Show Cause Notice — Show Cause Board — Field Board of Inquiry (FBOI): What’s the Difference? Is there a Difference?

Show Cause Notice:  Here’s what I understand the process to be as we speak.  And we’ll use the Army here for example, realizing, of course, that a same or similar track will appear in all the services.  The Army personnel specialists — primarily at HRC at Knox — have recently received a mission to intensify efforts to “Screen the Force.”  This isn’t anything new per se, but with the drawdown and budget cuts in full swing, this ongoing statutory requirement has has received renewed focus.  What this means practically, is that any member with something even potentially career ending in his or her OMPF, may be screened to receive a “Show Cause Notice” or memorandum from the commander, HRC (or equivalent personnel center for the other branches).   I’ll talk about this notice in more detail shortly in a future post.  For now, however, this starts the “Show Cause” process, and the notice usually is accompanied by an endorsement from the member’s local command chain.  Here’s where the sleepless nights begin … as a long, valued and valuable career becomes targeted for termination.

The main point here for prospective clients, in fact for anyone reviewing this or similar posts — is that to the maximum extent possible, please check with me or another experienced military, administrative law attorney before you endorse and sign off on the Election of Options paperwork which comes with the notice/memorandum to Show Cause.   As I said in my post last month, this is not the type of action you want to handle on your own.

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More detail to come on the other questions posed in the Title Block and the process generally, shortly.