Army Officer Promotion Passover Overturned and Career Extended

My client’s promotion passover a year ago was just overturned.  She’ll be able to continue serving the country and her fellows until her MRD now.

This was such a satisfying outcome, because my client was extremely deserving, experienced and a tremendous asset for any unit, group or branch lucky enough to get her.  Because she had come back as a retiree recall after a long break, and also because like so many good people I’ve met over the years who are great at their jobs — but not so good at looking after their own records/career admin best interests — my client’s promotion file needed some serious overhaul.   We worked at that together, and with a number of different people at various command levels, for the better part of six months.   I’m happy to report that my client’s name appeared on the APL 0-5 list which HRC published yesterday, 19 January 2012.  This time, with the client’s file fully and properly presented, the Army got it right!  

If you’re facing an uphill battle, and your military career seems to be slipping away for whatever reason — and you honestly feel that you have something more to offer your country — I’d consider it a privilege to work with you to preserve and extend your career. 

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