Taking Care of Clients

Good evening folks.

I had been working a few matters earlier today, when my daughter texted a
question. “What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever received,” she asked. Well,
I had to think about that. Thought about it pretty much all day, and I just
responded back to her. Thought I’d share it here. I got it from a friend I’ve
always held in the highest regard — Judge William Sowder from Lubbock, Texas
when he was still in private practice, and I was just hanging out my shingle about 21 years ago. I think Bill got it from his Dad, a long-time, well loved attorney in Lubbock in his own

Though I didn’t believe it fully at the time, I’ve come to realize that it’s right on the
money. Here’s what Bill told me:

“It’s not the final result that most clients care about, so much as how they feel they were treated and taken care of by you — their attorney — over the course of the representation that matters most.”

That general wisdom and advice probably applies to most fields of endeavor and
relationships generally. It’s certainly good stuff to chew on as July fades to August here in North Texas. As always, Bill