During my extensive search for an attorney I ran across several reviews for Mr. Meili from clients and peers who all had great things to say about the service he provides and his commitment to working hard for his clients.

Upon my initial contact with him I was astounded by his professionalism, personality, knowledge and confidence. He was up front and honest, and he didn’t try and sell me a dream unlike many of the attorneys I had spoken with prior to him. The cost of his services was well worth the money spent; I have no regrets.   I felt as though I finally had someone in my corner that was there to represent me and not my command.

In addition to other cases he was working, Mr. Meili always kept me informed on the status of my case, and I always knew when he was traveling or unavailable. My phone calls and email were never left unanswered or not returned.

Mr. Meili showed a genuine interest in getting to know who I was as an individual, what I stood for,  as well as what my leadership thought about me.  He constructively used this information to vigilantly construct a case that represented me well.  The brief he prepared for me was very detailed and well put together.  He did not rush;  instead he took his time to make sure he captured all the important and relevant details while ensuring that I was involved and aware.

Mr. Meili often times provided words of encouragement and wisdom on how to deal with my situation and was never judgmental.  He didn’t hold back when I became doubtful of the process.  He helped me to see that regardless of what I was being portrayed as in a letter of reprimand — that I was better, and had much to offer not just the military but society.  I wish I had met him sooner.  He is a people person, and whenever I would hang up from him or finish reading an email from him I was always put at ease.  His hard work and representation helped transfer my GOMOR to my restricted AMHRR file.  Although DASEB was slow to render its decision,  Mr. Meili assured me that there was still room to fight, and was more than willing to help me.

It has been a blessing to meet him and I would definitely recommend his services to others in similar situations.  He is great at what he does and I thank God for sending him into my life.

GC, 1LT, AG Corps


Please don’t hesitate to get in touch If we can be of assistance with a GOMOR removal or transfer, or with any other military law related matter affecting your career or the career of someone you know.   Thank you.


For two (2) years I attempted to resign my AMEDD commission from the APMC (USAR). In that time, I was plagued with road blocks at every turn; repeated failure of support staff to follow-up on paperwork, letting paperwork lapse; left hand not knowing what the right hand was or wasn’t doing; all of which ultimately resulted in the restarting of the process multiple times. After my third attempt to resign, I was referred to Bill Meili — retaining his services was, without question, the best decision I made in the UQR resignation process. In approximately three (3) months, he was able to do what I could not do in the previous 2 years — obtain for me an Unqualified Resignation — UQR — and Honorable Discharge from further military service. Throughout the entire process, Mr Meili was responsive to all forms of communication, and would update me in real-time to all the changes — good and bad — with the ongoing process.  I would recommend Bill Meili to anyone considering separation from the Armed Services.  His effort, professionalism and dedication to my case were worth every dollar spent.    

Dr. B.  A very satisfied client.