Outstanding Result — Interstate Compact (ICAOS) Criminal Offender Transfer Case — Colorado to Texas

We had a nice success earlier this month with an ICAOS case out of Denver, Colorado.  The Interstate Commission for Adult Offender Supervision, or ICAOS for short, is a national organization tasked with the management of transfer requests by adult criminal offenders in all fifty states.  For instance, as in the case noted, if a criminal client in Colorado wishes to transfer to Texas to live and work, he or she must initiate the request — usually through a local probation officer.  This sending state’s probation office may file the request through the ICAOS office in the sending state’s jurisdiction.  That ICAOS office will, normally, forward the request to the receiving state ICAOS office for further review, investigation and adjudication in the receiving state.  This typically entails further contact and interface with the local probation office where the client intends to live.

Local probation officers will conduct a background review and investigation of the client’s family and business contacts, and report findings with recommendations to the receiving state’s ICAOS office, which will, in turn, notify sending state officials of its final decision.  The underlying investigation will only be as good, however, as the information which has been provided to the local, receiving state’s probation officer.  It is imperative, therefore, that the ICAOS file contain a complete, accurate and informative “snapshot” of the client.

Once the ICAOS (receiving state) decision is reached and communicated to the sending state (Colorado in our example), the sending state officials, (court, DAs and Probation officers) will make final arrangements for the client’s transfer.  Suffice it to say that the multiple “back and forths” inherent in this system can delay a decision, result in an uninformed decision  — or prevent one entirely — without focused input, perseverance, and informed communication to all stakeholders throughout the process.

My office is skilled in ICAOS rules and procedure, and we have decades of experience working successfully with probation officers and offices around the country.  In short, my colleagues and I can help you or your loved one come home, or move to a more promising environment or community anywhere in the United States.

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