Are You an Army Officer in the IRR, Nearing or Past Your MSO (Military Service Obligation End Date)?

If you are nearing or past your MSO date, you should seriously consider making an affirmative election of options regarding your continued military service. The correct way to do this is by contacting your servicing career manager’s office at HRC Ft. Knox. The Election of Options Form — AHRC Form 4145 — which has been in use since at least May 2006, is still being used by the Army to memorialize an officer’s decision to remain in the Army or terminate his or her service. Ask that you be sent this form by name: Election of Options Form, AHRC 4145.

You should carefully read the instructions on that form before making your election. Additionally, don’t hesitate to ask for further guidance from HRC personnel regarding your options if needed. If at that point, you feel you need further assistance or counsel, please don’t hesitate to call my office. I’m happy to help you with whatever course of action you’re contemplating.

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