Preventative and Investigatory Representation — Practicing “Legal Preventative Medicine.”

The following testimonial was received the other day by our office from an active duty officer who wishes to remain anonymous. This is a special case testimonial. What we do in these “preventative-investigatory representation” cases is to find out what the problem is from the ground up — what’s really going on. We look at the triggers, the culture of the particular unit, command chain and branch, and the individual personalities of the players involved on both sides. With that as foundation, we go about practicing preventative medicine, as it were, in order to minimize damage and prevent further difficulties for the client. In this one, thankfully, we were able to do that.

~ Bill Meili

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“Mr. Bill Meili is very responsive and extremely professional. During our initial consultation, he took his time to understand the underlying issues of my situation and didn’t rush. I had fallen on the wrong side of my chain of command and didn’t know who to trust, which was a new situation for me. Although not a typical case, Mr. Meili quickly put me at ease and gave me solid counsel and advice to navigate my situation successfully. As a result, I was able to get off the radar of my chain of command and minimize damage to my career. Any time I had a question or a request, he responded promptly. There was never any ambiguity as to the next step or any questions about Mr. Meili’s responsiveness and care for my situation. Without his counsel — and the trust he inspired — I’m sure I would have stayed on the chain of command’s radar and attracted some additional form of adverse, administrative separation action, at least. I would highly recommend contacting Mr. Meili before, during, or after any potential adverse action you might be facing.”   An Active Duty Officer