Labor Day Reflections

As summer draws down here in North Texas, and Friday afternoon before the long holiday Labor Day weekend takes hold, I read the latest report about yet more deaths of our coalition forces at the hands of an Afghan Army member.    Wanted to take a step back, acknowledge the fact, and simply send out my sincerest condolences to those who have lost someone.  And also to express my gratitude for the service members and their families who continue to shoulder the burdens – primarily now in Afghanistan — but in other difficult and dangerous places across the globe.

As I go through my days here in relative peace, safety and tranquility, I try to reflect on those in uniform, on duty, working hard pursuant to mobilization and deployment orders.  You have my deepest respect.  You’re not forgotten.

Stay safe.

Respectfully,  Bill Meili, COL(Ret.), JA, USAR