New Year — Continued Good Results — Former Army Aviator and Current Commercial Pilot’s Career Restored

I was fortunate recently to represent a former Army aviator whose professional career as a commericial pilot was jeopardized by an alcohol related felony charge. Happy to report that this man’s livelihood and career remain on track. The underlying criminal matter resolved favorably, and the FAA granted a Special Issuance medical license. My Client is back flying, and his life, overall health and relationships with family, friends, and professional organizations have improved greatly. His sister, who was closely involved with the entire process throughout, shares her feelings about the case below.

If you or a loved one are facing career ending trouble which threatens a professional license and career, I can help. Please contact me at the numbers or email address listed below.

A Sister’s Testimonial:
Before my family and I began working with Bill, we had retained an attorney who was totally unresponsive to emails, phone calls, or other attempts to receive information, updates, or guidance related to our case. As the criminal justice system can be intimidating and confusing, the inability of knowing how to negotiate that complex system increased our worry and anxiety about what could or might happen and when. Not only did Bill provide expert guidance and education to our family about the legal process, he was responsive to our need to have information in a somewhat individualized format that each of us could digest and understand. Because he was respectful about how difficult the whole process was for myself and our family, he went “above and beyond” to keep us informed .

In our case, my brother was In great jeopardy of losing so much, and in the end, I see how important it was to have someone like Bill Meili. Our case required professional expertise and knowledge that we didn’t find with other attorneys.

Bill has the ability to step back and take an overall view that then enables him to identify key players that are important to engage for both short and long term goals of success. Impressively, Bill was able to engage important players in a complex system that resulted in the formation of a great team with the same goal: To minimize the risk and maximize the potential that my brother was able to maintain his family, his profession, and the ability to give back to the community in a responsible, meaningful way.

Bill Meili is professional, knowledgeable, articulate, intuitive and experienced. I feel so very fortunate that he was on our side!

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