Officer Field Board of Inquiry — Successful Outcome

Gratitude, a good friend once told me, is the king of emotions. Along those lines, then — the following:

Officer client facing a career ending Board of Inquiry, was lucky enough last week to have his entire case history reviewed by his Commanding General. Sometimes, when the parties can sit down and take a moment to review the fundamental truth of a situation, good things happen. Of course …it helps to have a CG who cares deeply about all his troops, especially those who are torn up physically and psychologically. We had such a commander in this case.

My guy didn’t get a free pass. He took ownership, and held himself accountable for his actions. As a result, provided he comports himself properly, he’ll be given an opportunity to retire from active duty, with dignity, respect …. and the lifelong, medical pension he’s earned as a result of his service to the country.

It felt really good traveling home from this one.

If you or someone you know needs help defending a Board of Inquiry — or any other administrative elimination action — please call me.

Respectfully, Bill Meili, Attorney and Counselor at Law, COL(R), JA, USAR, 214 363-1828: Office; 214 536-3888, Cell