Marine Corps Reserve Unit Mobilizations and the Receipt of Warning Orders Creating a Type of Stop-Loss Scenario for Marines in Those Units

Just a heads up.

I recently represented a Marine whose Reserve unit had received a warning order for mobilization. The Marine’s active drilling end date was fast approaching, but his command chain was notifying everyone that the pending deployment, and in particular, the receipt of the warning order, would overide the end drill dates: in other words, something similar to a “Stop-Loss” scenario had been instituted locally, and my client and others were essentially being told, “you’re going.”

Be advised that the Marine Corps does have a process in place to consider delays and exemptions from involuntary mobilization, and that process applies to members of active reserve units as well as to members of the IRR. I was hired to file a formal exemption request on my client’s behalf for consideration by the Commander, Marine Forces Reserve, New Orleans, LA, who is the approving/decision making authority for these requests, vice the local commanders. Before we got there, however, my client’s local commander considered mast requests from my client and several others in the unit whose drill end dates were near. Happily, his request was granted, and he will serve out the remainder of his contractual obligation in the IRR.

I also received a call today from a Marine Reservist in New Hampshire with a similar situation brewing. I thought I’d post some information here on the topic. If you need help with an exemption request, or with any other related issues surrounding a pending mobilization and deployment, don’t hesitate to give me a call. I’ll discuss your situation with you, and if you decide you need to engage me at some point, we can discuss that as well.

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Respectfully, Bill Meili