Glad to report that an outstanding officer was recently retained by an Army Show Cause Board of Inquiry (BOI).  I had the pleasure of being this man’s counsel at the BOI, and would like to share his testimonial below.  If you or someone you know is facing a Show Cause action, consider giving me a call.  I’d be honored to assist.   v/r  Bill Meili,  214 536-3888 Cell


“I was in a stew facing a Board of Inquiry (BOI).  I spent numerous hours deciding if I needed to contact a civilian lawyer or utilize the one provided by the government.  I decided to go with a civilian lawyer because I felt the civilian lawyer I retained would represent me impartially.  I then searched for a lawyer who knew military law; Mr. Meili kept being my top result with military experience.  After reading Mr. Meili’s profile, I decided to give him a call.  Mr. Meili gave me an overview of my case.  Mr. Meili clearly explained the process necessary for me to understand and he explained his strategy for me to be retained in the Army.  He responded to all my questions and concerns. I decided I had to make an investment for my family’s future. I had such a complex case that I believe without Bill Meili the board results would not have been the same. 

Mr. Meili is a true leader: he possesses all the values, and reflects confidence.  He quickly took charge of the BOI room and was able to articulate the message that had been so difficult for me to express.  The board decided to retain me in the Army and I was given a second chance to continue to serve my country.  Mr. Meili has been a blessing for my family and me. I am eternally grateful for his help and highly recommend him.”