Feb-March ’17 Activity and Follow-Ups

Last Blog Post in this space was about a month ago.  I’ve copied and pasted it with some updates.  Grateful for the results and activity during this month of March 2017:

  • 3 Feb: Submitted a Show Cause – Board of Inquiry rebuttal/response for a senior reserve Army officer;   20 March received word that the USARC CG approved our request to withdraw the Show Cause Action.  Senior officer will now continue his career without having to appear before a Board of Inquiry.  This officer’s testimonial should be available and up on the website next week. 
  • 9 Feb: Submitted a request for reconsideration appeal to the Department of the Army Suitability Evaluation Board (DASEB) for a company grade active duty Army officer; Pending analysis and final decision by the Board.  Actions like these can take six months or longer to reach a decision;


  • 17 Feb: Delivered a request for reconsideration on an Unqualified Resignation (UQR) action for a senior active duty Warrant officer;  Still pending final decision;
  • 20 Feb: Submitted an appeal to transfer a General Officer Reprimand (GOMOR) to DASEB for a field grade Army Reserve officer;  Pending;
  • 22 Feb: Coordinated a diversion program track for a civilian juvenile client facing a felony aggravated sexual assault charge;  Good movement on the diversion program throughout the month. 
  • 23 Feb: Began a coordinated, managed defense for an AWOL return to military control matter;  30 March – yesterday – received word from Trial Counsel that Client’s Chapter 10 request for discharge was approved by the convening authority.  Client’s 15 year AWOL ordeal will finally come to an end once administrative discharge paperwork is complete and orders cut. 
  • 27 Feb: Heard that the client’s command chain in the 3 Feb matter above recommends favorable action on our requested relief, and;   [See final resolution noted above in 3 Feb paragraph]
  • 28 Feb:  Received word that the government/military command  would not be preferring UCMJ charges against an active duty enlisted client.  Still waiting for final paperwork on the Non-Pros Memo to be signed and flag to be lifted.  Admin wheels sometimes turn slowly.
    Grateful for the opportunities presented along the way, and for the help and support of many, without which none of the above would have been possible.  Stay tuned.  v/r Bill