Possible Career Ending 15-6 Investigation from an Anonymous “Hotline” Allegation Closed Without Adverse Action Taken

Back a few years I had the privilege to guide a gifted Army Doc through a Show Cause action. That case resolved with a unanimous vote to retain, together with a well deserved follow on selection for promotion for our client. Some three years later and after being hand picked to fill a tough Brigade level assignment, this same client asked for guidance after becoming the subject of an anonymous phone complaint on a CG’s 24 hotline.

The client has written a thorough testimonial on point. Suffice to say that the Investigating Officer assigned was outstanding to work with. That’s not always the case, but credit to the IO and to our client in this instance. Defending yourself against an anonymous “tip line” complaint is next to impossible. Even with expert guidance today, it can be daunting…and when the allegations sound in toxic work environment, to include sexual harassment, the ante’s upped exponentially. I can’t tell you how proud I am of this client. And I’m glad — as I’ve said before in this space and elsewhere — it’s always a good day when the Army gets it right.

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