Patience pays. Favorable paperwork from our most recent Show Cause Board action arrived last week, and so, I feel comfortable talking about this now. More importantly, a singularly dedicated and deserving officer can exhale. Her 22 year active duty career continues, and she will now be able to enjoy a proper medical retirement with full benefits.

Many times, these Show Cause-Board of Inquiry actions, once started, seem inevitably to run to a full blown contested hearing. But they don‘t have to. Here, the combination of a JAG office and officers willing to listen, a chain of command willing to dig a little and look into the facts before making recommendations to the Commanding General (CG), and a CG who was willing to listen to his subordinates, while following, I’m sure, his own instincts once briefed, all came together to produce the result we received in writing last week.  The CG, in this case the General Officer Show Cause Authority (GOSCA), decided to withdraw the Show Cause action at his level, and retain our Client on active duty.     

I’m grateful to have been a part of this one.   (If you care to, you can read our Client’s thoughts on all this in the testimonial section of our website).

Bill Meili   214 363-1828;


Last week of April at Ft. Stewart brought some long awaited great news to my client, his wife and three children.  After months of preparation, maneuvering, and waiting, his Show Cause Board of Inquiry panel voted unanimously to retain him on active duty.  As a result, this good and deserving officer will be able to retire medically, with honor, dignity and respect, and with full, military medical and concurrent VA benefits.   He has given me permission to share his testimonial here, and I do so with a great deal of gratitude and thanks for the team of professionals, friends and supporters who came together to make this all happen.   Respectfully,   Bill Meili    214 363-1828 (Office); 214 536-3888 (Cell)


I decided to call Mr. Meili shortly after receiving a GOMOR and subsequently months later a referred OER.  Confirming my worst fears I eventually received a “show cause” notification from Human Resources Command(HRC) that put my career of nearly 17 years on active duty in complete jeopardy.  Before I decided on Mr. Meili I had previously called a couple other law firms specializing in military law, but none of them seemed to understand the complex administrative process.  He gave me hope that my initial appeal was winnable and immediately started gathering information to map a strategy to work my case.   Shortly afterward, while Mr. Meili worked the appeals case to remove the GOMOR filed with HRC, I received the inevitable “intent to eliminate” notification.  Mr. Meili brought much needed calm during a stressful moment when I received the notification.  He was very reasonable with amending our previous agreement in order to adjust to the new momentum of now a Board of Inquiry (BOI) being initiated to separate me.  The preparation of a BOI is a tremendous undertaking and Mr. Meili took on the meticulous details and crafted a strategy to ensure the best outcome, leaving no doubt as we entered the intense day of a BOI.  Mr. Meili prepared the case very well, engaging key decision makers early on and made adjustments right up to the final moments of a decision.  Mr. Meili brings a level of experience and tenacity to the table that is difficult to find.  My case received a favorable vote to retain on active duty, saving my hard earned retirement and medical benefits.  Mr. Meili is a true professional, and one of the best in the country for military law.  If you want the best outcome for your case, I highly recommend you consider him.   Major – U.S. Army.