Show Cause Boards Of Inquiry (BOI) or (FBOI) Upcoming

As the calendar gets set to turn, our focus is on at least three BOIs in March.   All present with different scenarios and fact patterns, but all share a single unifying thread, which we see all too often these days:  All three officers had GOMORS placed in their official file, performance section, which, months later, triggered a letter of intent (LOI) to eliminate, or more commonly, a Show Cause notice.

There are several ways — courses of action — to best defend these potential career enders, but invariably, early intervention is most important.  Please get in touch with us — with me personally — and I’ll do my dead level best to help save your career.

My contact points are listed on my website at  Fastest way to reach me is with an email to or with a call to my cell:  214 536-3888.

I have a BOI set for 5 March 2015 at Ft. Knox;  another set 27 March at Ft. Stewart, and a third Show Cause action pending with no date set.  On this one, we hope the GOSCA (General Officer Show Cause Authority) approves our request that he close the case at his level for good cause shown.   Keep your fingers crossed on all three .

v/r    Bill Meili