For two (2) years I attempted to resign my AMEDD commission from the APMC (USAR). In that time, I was plagued with road blocks at every turn; repeated failure of support staff to follow-up on paperwork, letting paperwork lapse; left hand not knowing what the right hand was or wasn’t doing; all of which ultimately resulted in the restarting of the process multiple times. After my third attempt to resign, I was referred to Bill Meili — retaining his services was, without question, the best decision I made in the UQR resignation process. In approximately three (3) months, he was able to do what I could not do in the previous 2 years — obtain for me an Unqualified Resignation — UQR — and Honorable Discharge from further military service. Throughout the entire process, Mr Meili was responsive to all forms of communication, and would update me in real-time to all the changes — good and bad — with the ongoing process.  I would recommend Bill Meili to anyone considering separation from the Armed Services.  His effort, professionalism and dedication to my case were worth every dollar spent.    

Dr. B.  A very satisfied client.