How Teamwork Between Client and Lawyer Pays Dividends

First, this from the Client’s perspective:

“I have known Bill over 20 years in a business relationship. When I needed a criminal defense attorney he was the first person I wanted to talk to. From the moment we spoke I knew he would take extraordinary care of me and he did. His knowledge, respect from Prosecutors, Judges and others in the Judicial system was evident and worked in my favor. Because of his knowledge and contacts he was able to get my charge reduced and disposed of. I will recommend him to my family, friends and colleagues for any type of legal issue they may have and know that they will be handled with respect and care by a lawyer who gets the best results for his clients.”

And now from my (the lawyer’s) perspective: This client did everything my co-counsel and I asked, period, from Day 1. She was precise, punctual, went above and beyond with getting us history, documentation, counselor’s assessments — and perhaps most importantly — she asked questions … good solid questions, right up to the court date and beyond. All of which made us better at helping her and getting her to where she wanted to be — and where she should have been — when the judge ruled.

As a father of a former military client of mine once said, “we looked for a lawyer and we found one, but what we really found was a partner.” And that’s what really makes things go — a partnership between client and lawyer.

Grateful for this client, the defense team and partnership we forged.