Senior Army Officer Client Retained by Board of Inquiry (BOI)

Just returned from a Show Cause Board (BOI) representation for a wonderful client who now gets to continue service. This case started back in June 2020. Client had a stellar career and record to show for it. But as sometimes happens, life happened, missteps were made and GOMORs were filed – permanently. My client had initially come to me for help with a retirement packet which would have meant review by the AGDRB. After we met, though, it became clear that client wanted nothing more than to stay in uniform and continue doing the job she loved so much. So, fully aware of the consequences, client pulled her retirement request, with her command’s blessing, and we waited for the inevitable Show Cause notice from HRC.

Several delays and months followed, but we eventually got to present the case and tell the story to the Board last week. With a lot of help from many people — in and out of uniform — my client’s story came together and it was powerful, moving and authentic, and ultimately as a result of all of that, persuasive.

Extremely grateful for the Board members who listened and took great care with an important matter for our client and for the Army. I’m also grateful for the help and assistance received from TDS co-counsel and from my friend and long-time colleague Richard Hutto, who backstops me and keeps me pointed in the right direction on many of these challenging cases. Also, there were a host of the client’s supporters who weighed in with live, in person testimony, by phone and with letters. The depth and breadth of this support was truly extraordinary and a clear reflection of our client’s worth and future value to the Army.

And of course, none of this would have happened but for the leap of faith our client took when she pulled her retirement paperwork and placed her future, solidly and confidently, in our hands.

These are the cases which stay with you in good and positive ways forever really. And they serve as reminders of what’s best in all of us, and in the institutions, processes and procedures we’ve navigated for years.

Here’s what our client wrote about her experience, with permission, and anonymously of course.


“I am very grateful to Mr. Meili in coaching me on proving my continued value to the Army. The government was set to separate me through a Board of Inquiry (BOI)/ Show Cause despite my long career of contributions. Mr. Meili’s communication was direct and up front. He told me that I had a 50/50 chance to be eliminated and not retained. Nevertheless, Mr. Meili firmly believed in me throughout the process, and reminded me to be myself which positively impacted my confidence. Mr. Meili was correct, and when the time came for me to stand up in front of the board members, I was fired up to convince them that I could continue to be a great asset to the Army. Mr. Meili was calm and convincing to the point that he had the board members’ full attention and nodding their heads in agreement while he was speaking. As a result the board members were tolerant of my mistakes and decided to retain me. Thank you so much Mr. Meili; you will forever have my recognition and respect. ”

If you’re facing a career ending Board of Inquiry (BOI) — aka Show Cause Board — it would be a privilege to visit with you about it, and, perhaps, guide you through the process.

Thank you. Bill Meili. Office 214 363-1828; Cell 214 536-3888; Email: