Received word today that the Army has decided that all Respondents at Show Cause Boards and counsel have a right to appear in person before a live panel.    While there may be an opportunity for a Respondent in a Board proceeding to waive in person attendance and have the Board held remotely, in person attendance is still a right.

Since DoD has now extended its travel restriction order until 30 June, in-person Boards of Inquiry (BOIs)/Show Cause Boards are likely going to back-log for the next 2 and a half months or more.   As such, there might be some additional opportunity in the upcoming months to negotiate and discuss favorable options with the servicing judge advocate offices in any given Show Cause action.

If you’re currently facing – or expect to be facing — an adverse administrative Show Cause action, now would be a good time to give our office a call.  Office: 214 363-1828;  Toll Free:  866 578-0164