UPDATE on the SHOW CAUSE, BOARD OF INQUIRY (BOI) for our AMEDD OFFICER CLIENT which we discussed in a post last November |

AMEDD officer’s retention recommendation by a  Field Board of Inquiry (FBOI, BOI) was ratified and adopted by HRC recently.   The Show Cause case is now closed, client’s flag has been lifted, and as a result,  our client was able — earlier this month — to complete and timely file materials for consideration by the AMEDD officer promotion board which convened this week.

Again, we’re extremely grateful for the support and expertise shown by so many over the course of the past year.

If you need help with a looming or pending Show Cause/Board of Inquiry (BOI) action, please, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our office.  Phone: 214 363-1828 or email: info@meililaw.com.

Thanks.  Bill