Patience pays. Favorable paperwork from our most recent Show Cause Board action arrived last week, and so, I feel comfortable talking about this now. More importantly, a singularly dedicated and deserving officer can exhale. Her 22 year active duty career continues, and she will now be able to enjoy a proper medical retirement with full benefits.

Many times, these Show Cause-Board of Inquiry actions, once started, seem inevitably to run to a full blown contested hearing. But they don‘t have to. Here, the combination of a JAG office and officers willing to listen, a chain of command willing to dig a little and look into the facts before making recommendations to the Commanding General (CG), and a CG who was willing to listen to his subordinates, while following, I’m sure, his own instincts once briefed, all came together to produce the result we received in writing last week.  The CG, in this case the General Officer Show Cause Authority (GOSCA), decided to withdraw the Show Cause action at his level, and retain our Client on active duty.     

I’m grateful to have been a part of this one.   (If you care to, you can read our Client’s thoughts on all this in the testimonial section of our website).

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