Security Clearance Defense to an LOI and SOR — More Good News

Yesterday, I received the following note from an officer client. His eligibility to receive a clearance was reinstated recently — and his career remains intact and moving forward. Could not be happier with the result. If you need a hand with this type of work, I’d be privileged to help. Just give me a call or shoot an email. v/r Bill 214 363-1828 Office;

I had problems regaining a security clearance after the lapsing of my original clearance, so I needed help convincing the authorities that there was no risk in re-granting the clearance. The inability to secure the clearance threatened my livelihood and put my 20+ year successful military career in jeopardy. I desperately needed an expert in the law that surrounds security clearances. Choosing a lawyer is a harrowing experience and I spent several days making enquiries with multiple law offices, including one which had successfully represented me in another matter, before I came to find Mr. Meili after extensive online research.

I reached out to Bill and found that he and his team were immediately responsive, intuitively sensitive to the nature of the situation and able to convince me that teaming up with Bill would lead to a successful outcome. His forthright manner and easy way with people gave me great confidence that I had made the right decision in choosing him as my advocate.

He immediately worked me into his schedule and after our first meeting was able to quickly analyze the situation and develop a focused and ultimately effective strategy to address the adjudicator’s concerns in a manner far beyond what I would have been able to do on my own. Bill’s strategy and methodology greatly expanded my responses so that they personalized the package and told the whole story rather than the narrow narrative presented in the original investigation. He supervised the construction of a response package that conformed to my own sense of what was needed, but also went places that I would not have considered. He crafted a response that was truly a knockout. We brought overwhelming force of logic to the case and, in my opinion, made it easy for the adjudicator to find in my favor.

Without his help and guidance I would not have been anywhere near as prepared to make a proper — and ultimately successful — run at regaining my clearance, in order to continue service to the country.

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