Show Cause Board of Inquiry Testimonial From a Relieved Army Wife

Re our 1 Feb 13 Post re the successful Board of Inquiry at Ft. Bragg, please see the below from our Client’s grateful and very much relieved wife. Call us as soon as you can if you or a loved one face one of these career ending “Show Cause” Board actions. This is definitely not something you want to handle by yourself. Best, Bill Meili — Office: 214 363-1828. Cell: 214 536-3888

I strongly recommend William “Bill” Meili to defend you if you’re facing a Show Cause Board of Inquiry for separation from the service. When the active Army defense lawyer never materialized for my Active Guard Reserve husband, we reached out to a personal friend, who recommended Bill. When we discovered Bill’s past as an Army Judge Advocate and retired Colonel (0-6), we knew we were getting someone to represent our interests who knew the service and UCMJ well, and who was also intimately familiar with all aspects of administrative elimination process and procedure.

Immediately, Bill put us to work gathering historical data and paperwork … and answering some tough, focused questions; all of which helped build the foundation for a successful Show Cause Board defense. My spouse faced separation due to what appeared to be “errant” behaviors: his growing inability to concentrate, anger and impatience – which led to extremely poor conflict resolution — and nagging issues with short-term memory loss. My husband had been an infantry company commander during extended combat operations in Iraq. What we didn’t know was that after he demobilized, he was suffering from undiagnosed PTSD and TBI. His chain of command was equally unaware – in large part because my husband was keeping everything “bottled up” inside. Bill was instrumental in helping us identify, discuss and document crucial issues, which he then used to build a case centered on taking care of a “wounded warrior”. After proper medical treatment by a multi-disciplinary team, my husband is alive, and on his way to becoming whole again.

I thank Bill Meili for his service to our country, to our Soldiers and Service members, and to our family. Because of Bill, my husband will remain in the service, continue receiving the medical care he needs, and he will be able to retire with dignity and respect.

We are forever grateful. | An Army wife.