Show Cause – Board of Inquiry … Another Good Result

Excellent week last week on the Show Cause Board of Inquiry front. This latest case was particularly gratifying since the GOSCA (General Officer Show Cause Authority) took the time and after careful consideration of our rebuttal brief and appeal, recommended that the action against our client be recalled and that the client be retained in service. In other words, we were successful on the front end of this matter, and did not have to proceed to an actual Board hearing. That’s not all that common, and again, we’re extremely grateful for the GOSCA’s action in this matter. My client’s testimonial is attached below, and also on my website’s testimonial page under Show Cause Boards. If you or someone you know has been notified by HRC, or by the command, of an Intent to Eliminate (Show Cause), you owe it to yourself and your family to obtain the best representation possible in order to preserve your career. Please call our office at your earliest convenience. 214 363-1828 Very Respectfully, Bill Meili
SHOW CAUSE – BOARD OF INQUIRYShow Cause – Board of Inquiry

Client Testimonial
While looking for a lawyer who understood military law, Mr. Melli’s firm appeared as one of the top search results on the internet. After reading Mr. Meili’s profile, I decided to give him a call. Immediately his personable manner was apparent and within minutes I made the decision to have him represent me. Mr. Meili clearly explained the process necessary for me to understand what a Show Cause Board was and he explained his strategy for me to be retained in the Army. Mr. Meili responded promptly and thoroughly to all my questions and concerns. He created a path forward for me, and once we started, my hope for a positive result began to improve. Eventually, I received positive relief. The Commanding General on my installation accepted my rebuttal and recommended that I be retained in the Army. Now I can continue my career with the Army and retire. Mr. Meili’s services went above and beyond attaining a positive result. He became a true friend, concerned with my future and overall well-being. I highly recommend him to anyone facing a similar career ending situation.

Chief Warrant Officer, US Army