Active Duty Army Medical Officer’s Reflections

Active Duty Army Medical Officer’s Reflection on Services Rendered

If you are military, medical, or both…and looking for someone who can represent you in the best way possible- Bill is the guy.  As an Active Duty Army PA, I was very cautious and careful about finding an Attorney who understood the military.  It is extremely important to have someone who can seamlessly interact with the military and its leaders.   Bill has a very special talent for understanding people and their true needs.  He is not just someone who ‘represents you’..he took what I saw as a huge time of crisis in my life- and helped me see it in a different way.  My fears and anxiety about the possibilities of my future were carefully brought to light and eliminated with one face to face conversation.  Bill is now someone I consider family.  I still engage him with my most difficult challenging questions from time to time because his wisdom is PRICELESS!  Don’t hesitate.  This is the person you want on your side.   I am forever grateful.  Thanks Bill!