Security Clearance News — Recent Good Result

Security Clearances for military service members and government civilians are similar to other professional licenses (doctors, lawyers, nurses, etc.), in that without one, the military member or government agency worker can’t work to max efficiency in his or her chosen field. Moreover, in some cases, that person may not be able to continue to work, period.

There are any number of reasons or issues which can jeopardize an existing security clearance, or keep a worker from obtaining a clearance in the first place. There are, however, an equal number of mitigating and extenuating circumstances which, properly identified, presented and documented, can save that clearance …. or lead to its initial issuance.

Heard this morning that a Client’s application for security clearance — through his major, defense contractor employer — has been approved. Gratifying result for the Client, of course, but a good call for all parties.

Let me know if I can help. I’ve been handling security clearance matters for individuals in and out of uniform since 1988, and would be happy to visit issues and options with you. 

Respectfully,  Bill

214 363-1828 (Dallas Office)

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