Recent Military Law and Criminal Defense Results in the Past 30 Days

The below list gives a broad idea of the kinds of cases and issues handled successfully in the past month.    If you’re facing a problem which affects your professional license, career or future, please don’t hesitate to contact me.  I’d be happy to visit with you about all aspects of the case to see how I might help.   Here’s the list. 
1.    Navy Reservist Officer (Medical Doctor):  Involuntary Mobilization orders cancelled.
2.    Air Force Active Duty Officer (Surgeon):  Voluntary resignation endorsed by his treatment
3.    Army Reservist Officer (Attorney):       Career preserved.
4.    Army Guard Officer (Consultant):          IRR Transfer Request endorsed by local command.  
5.    Criminal Defense Client:                             Aggravated Sexual Assault case dismissed.
6.    Criminal Defense Client:                            Favorable Grand Jury result on an Aggravated  
                                                                                      Assault with a Deadly Weapon.     
 Very Respectfully, 
William C. Meili
Attorney and Counselor at Law

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