Recent Military Case Results in December 2011:

As 2011 winds down, I wanted to share a few recent results:

1.  Last week — right before Christmas — an Army Reserve Medical Doctor and obligated officer client received word that his Unqualified Resignation had been accepted.  His  orders, reflecting an Honorable Discharge from the Reserve Component, arrived via email attachment later that day;

2.  On 16 December, an Army Active Component Medical Doctor and obligated officer client’s case resolved favorably with amended PCS orders.  We were successful in helping her seek reassignment to a new (and yet still local) Home Station with duties consistent and in accordance with a revised medical profile;

3.  On 1 December, after full, fair and frank discussions and negotiations with my young (E-4) Army Reservist client’s commanders and staff, I’m happy to report that the command revoked his mobilization and deplolyment orders.  Not only was the client holding an Educational Stabilization contract slot with this particular Reserve unit, but he was also an extremely poor fit for the unit’s upcoming mobilization and deployment to Afghanistan.   Credit the commander for the decision to trust her instincts and make a call which served the best interests of the Soldier, the unit and the unit’s other deploying Soldiers.

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