Client Care — A Mom’s Perspective

The below testimonial reflects a mother’s feelings about my representation of her son in a case concluded earlier this month. Nearly twenty years ago — when I was considering going out on my own into private practice — a friend, fellow lawyer, and one of the best men I know, gave me some wise counsel. He said, “Bill, people will always care much more about how you treated them during the course of the representation, than they will about the final result.” It took me a while to believe him, But he was — and is — 100 percent on target. ___________________________________________________________________
As the story goes we don’t know quite where to begin…..

Faced with the facts of a situation we as a family would have never dreamed possible, there we were. Charges being filed against our son for agg sex assault of a child, something that happened in our family while he was younger, but never told until he was already an adult. Now law enforcement wants him transferred and processed as an adult. Torn to pieces in our hearts– charting territory we never dreamed of– there we were face to face with the judge. The judge asked us if our son had an attorney, we said he did not, he instructed us to contact a William C. Meili, said to call him right away, we did. My husband spoke to his secretary, and within 15-20 minutes he called us right back. We were shocked. In this day and age, when does that happen? He wanted to know if we could meet with him since he was still in the court building. We had just left but naturally we turned around and made our way back to the courthouse. That was the beginning of a glimmer of hope for our family. We were in semi-shock I believe through the beginning of this whole ordeal. Mr. Meili, greeted us in away that is really hard to explain, in fact as I am writing this all the feelings of that day come flooding back and I remember us sitting there and the compassion I could feel coming from this man and his desire to protect our son, protect his rights as an American citizen — we left believing he truly would do everything the law allowed to help us.

Mr. Meili kept in contact with us, which again I was taken back, we had never had an attorney before, but had heard from others their experiences and we were grateful we were not having this same experience, especially bearing in mind the amount of stress we were already under. I could call him or text him and he always responded right back. His good humor was a warm welcome. One of the kindest things was his concern for our whole family not just our son, he was concerned for our daughter as well, and met with her on different occasions and this really helped keep us together, as we felt we were falling apart. Over the months he represented my son, he never wavered encouraging us. As time went by, Bill Meili developed a strategy which we all agreed would best protect our son’s future, and we had no doubt in our minds that he had done everything possible for our entire family, not just his client our son.

We will always be grateful to Bill. During the darkest time in our lives, he never once looked down on us, and I, as a mother, will never forget that.

Dallas, TX

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