Hardship Discharge/Resignation Approved by Army National Guard

I heard this morning from a client who recieved his honorable discharge orders yesterday. He has no further service commitment or requirement to the Army Reserve or the Army National Guard. I’m posting his own words here — with his permission — for a thumbnail sketch of the situation he faced, and his experience with MeiliLaw.
I had a 6-year active/2-year inactive contract in the Army National Guard. After successfully completing 7 years of my contract and one overseas deployment to Iraq, certain pressures were placed on me and my family life. My wife was pregnant with our 4th child, my 2nd child (daughter) was diagnosed with a speech problem and I was developing medical issues due to the elevated stress levels. Daily activities were a major stress at this time, but the notification of a 2nd overseas deployment was overwhelming with our family factors included.

Looking for answers, I contacted Mr. Bill Meili. He responded quickly and within a day we had a phone interview to determine possible options about my situation. Within a week, we met in person to discuss additional details and specifics about my case. Through our collective teamwork of information sharing, Bill Meili coordinated personally with my chain of command and also produced a thorough, 200-page Hardship Discharge Packet. This packet was submitted to my chain of command with an overwhelming, positive impact on the receiving end. Final result was a successful, honorable discharge from the U.S. Army thanks to Bill Meili and his team.

In addition to the initial contact and the final results, Bill Meili was consistently checking on me and the well-being of my family. I appreciate his personal touch and will never forget his efforts.
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