IRR Delay and Exemption Appeals: An Update

Recent News about IRR D&E, Delay and Exemption Appeals

IRR Delay and Exemption Appeals:   This Post and Page updates material previously published on my website at 

Over the past several weeks, I’ve fielded calls from IRR Soldiers facing involuntary mobilization, who submitted requests for exemption to STL on their own, and who have been denied. 

A group of orders published 9 October 2009 hit mailboxes and front stoops a few days later.   

I simply want to point out again that a Soldier has the absolute right per regulation to appeal an adverse decision by the HRC (Human Resources Command), St Louis, commander.  There are, however, some deadlines, and a few other points to keep uppermost in mind:

  1. You have 14 days from the date of denial to submit a written  appeal application;  
  2. Once your written appeal is logged in at HRC, you may  have some additional time to perfect or add to the appeal, but those additional time limits have been shrinking since the new HRC commander assumed his position late June 2009.
  3. Depending on what and how the evidence is presented in the appeal packet, it may get a relook – or reconsideration — by the HRC St Louis commander;
  4. If, on reconsideration, the appeal packet is denied, the entire packet will then go forward to HRC Alexandria for a Board look, recommendation and final action by the CG, (Commanding General), HRC Alexandria;
  5. It’s critical, therefore, to get your ducks in a row for the appeal as soon as possible after receiving notice of disapproval on the initial request. 

We can help you.  Call my office and together this time, we’ll review the case and see how we can get you squared away.

Bill Meili, 27 October 2009,  214.363.1828

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