A Recent IRR Delay and Exemption Client Shares Relief

If you are reading this right now, you are in the same shoes I was in 4 months ago.

I remember that day in April when I opened my door and saw my packet of orders to go to Iraq. I had no idea that the Army would call me back being that I was on IRR. I felt instant grief, followed by a great sense of urgency to get something done so that I could continue with my life. A full-time student and part-time loan officer for an accredited company, I could not deal with this at this time – especially since I had many personal issues that had to be dealt with that absolutely needed my presence. I rushed and called anyone I knew that could help get me exempt from my orders. I then looked online to see if there were any resources for me to get help, and of course, I found very little. That is until I found Bill Meili’s website.
I instantly thought “maybe I should do this on my own”, but then I read the testimonials and found that Bill was the real deal. I also felt that if I did it on my own, my chances of getting an exemption versus a delay would be slim – a risk I could not take. After giving it some thought, I called his office and told him what was going on. Bill had a real gift for making me feel relaxed and comforted, and after a good conversation, we went to work. Bill worked hard to get my case resolved from the moment I decided to work with him. Soon enough, after about a month of waiting, my orders got delayed. Then after another month or so, I received a call that uttered the words I’ll never forget – “Your orders are hereby revoked”.

I cannot express in paper nor in person the sense of relief I felt hearing those words, and it was all due to the continued effort of Bill Meili. I am greatly pleased with his work on my case, and amazed at the professionalism he exuded throughout. Bill Meili is truly a great military lawyer. He will not stop until your case is resolved in your favor. If you have any doubts, I hope my testimonial will at least uplift you and be evidence of the fact that there is help – right here, right now. I want to say thank you Bill for your help, hard work and support. And to the Soldier – don’t worry, don’t panic and relax. Help is right here.
Specialist B

I received the above testimonial from SPC B on 19 August 2009. I want to thank him and the many others who have shared their experience, strength and hope on this website. I’m grateful for the opportunity to be of service.

Thank you.

Bill Meili
214.363.1828 (Dallas Office)